Professional Translation

Professional translation requires a command over source and target languages as well as sufficient knowledge of the subject matter in question.
For each customer, we create customer- and sector-specific glossaries their company can leverage in all future communications, reducing risks of miscommunication and ambiguity.

All translations are then reviewed by a a reviser; any doubts of consequence are resolved and verified with the customer.Human translation is an iterative process that should not be rushed, but that’s wishful thinking, isn’t it? You need that document yesterday!
Planning and preparing early is your best strategy for dealing with time constraints. This will allow us to set up the right team and accomplish as much as possible before your deadline.

If you have a translation project on your mind, contact us today|!
Our areas of specialty include, but are not limited to:

LEGAL: International law Constitutional and administrative law Public law Social law Criminal law Private law Civil procedures and courts Statutes, regulations, cases Law of individual states and nations Insurance Contracts and agreements Sworn translations Apostilled translation
FINANCE AND BANKING Financial Reports; Prospectuses; Banking and financial law Mergers and take-overs Initial public offerings
Civil engineering, construction science & construction specifications Chemical & industrial engineering Electrical engineering, information technology & computer science; Biology, ecology, chemistry, physics, geology and other natural sciences Environmental science and environmental engineering; Agriculture & food technology; Patents Instructions and users manuals Technical standards and specifications
Hotel brochures Contracts, forms, paperwork in general 3-way telephone interpreting Managing B&Bs and Vacation Houses Menus Booking hotels, vehicles, excursions, etc.
MANAGEMENT: Business plans Company organization Accounting Due diligence, compliance & procedures Operations management