Jerold W. Stamp holds a Bachelor of Engineering from Stephens Institute of Technology and a Master of Science in Management Science from Troy State University. He was a Captain in the US Air Force and attended the five-month Bio-Environmental Engineering Course at Brookes Aerospace School of Medicine, The Defense Language Institute rated him fluent in Italian in 1986. After his five-year military career, Stamp worked as a sales engineer designing and selling industrial-waste, potable-water a


nd air-pollution-treatment systems, as well as safety and occupational equipment.

In 1999, he founded Real Bridges, providing Internationalization, business consulting, translation, interpreting services, as well as ad-hoc language courses (for geologists, restaurant staff, food-distribution chain managers, agronomists, civil engineers).
His main fields of business have included:


  • Solar Energy Development Gmbh, Internationalization services for a holding company that formed ten project companies in Sicily to build solar power plants with overall planned capacity above 50 MWp. Provided domiciliation services, hired legal consultants, found land suitable for power plants, performed bookkeeping and accounting, coordinated with engineering firms, provided interpreting, and translation services during negotiations, translated preliminary agreements of sale and final deeds of sale.
  •  Suffolk Construction Company November 2014 –Site inspection report verifying that a vendor had procured raw materials and had set up manufacturing operations for furniture to be provided for a major construction job in Miami, Florida

Site Master Inc. September 2015, and Sep 2016, helped a company specialized in communication tower maintenance perform maintenance on US Naval Facilities in Sicily: Providing essential logistics and language mediation services


Medical and Life Science Translations

  •  Wyeth Lederle Srl (a Pfizer group company – Catania. Italy: Translated quality assurance documents, SOPs, deviation reports, manufacturing validation documents, as well as interpreting services for aseptic operations training;
  •  Corporate Translations, Inc. (East Hartford Connecticut USA) Continuous ongoing translations of Pharmaceutical Industry doucments

Translation of drug trials with and for large multinationals (Amgen, Novartis, BSP, et al).

Technical Translations

  •  FMC Corporation: Translation and interpreting services, assisting in the handover and startup of the newly acquired pectin plant in Pace del Mela, Messina;
  • Detailed construction plans and relative to the planned Biomedical Research and Biotechnology Centre, Carini, Palermo;
  • In general, translations in civil, environmental, chemical, and mechanical engineering; ecology, environmental science, chemistry; natural science, forestry;; patents; safety – Occupational Safety and Health Management System for Permanent Way System of Ansaldo STS, and technical specifications; software localization, translating over 127,000 words for the sprinkler system design program Spidi into English and Spanish; Patent translation: Method and Computer System for Performance Analysis and for Dimensioning a GSM Access Network,

    Legal Translation

    Private contracts, insurance policies, statutes, regulations, litigation, criminal trials; administrative law, bank law, sworn translations.
    Tomes of work on the Parmalat bankruptcy, arrest warrants for ILVA and the Riva Steel Manufacturing Group, Requests for International Judicial Assistance pursuant to the Hague Convention of 18 March 1970 on the Taking of Evidence Abroad in Civil or Commercial Matters regarding litigation between drug companies (confidential – very technical), Italian Law on cross-border power transmission, Expert Reports on the Hotel Parco dei Principi Fire in Rome and relevant Italian Case Law, international arbitration.
    Articles of association, Powers of Attorney; Disciplinary Action by the Italian Institute for the Oversight of Insurance Companies; Tax disputes with the Italian Inland Revenue Services; Audit Reports, Appeals, Settlements.
    Financial and Corporate Translation
    Quarterly, Interim, and Half-year Financial reports for major Italian companies and banks. End customers include Banca Fideuram Spa, Gruppo Banca Popolare di Vicenza; Intesa San Paolo; the SIS Group; Biesse, and hundreds of others.

Stamp’s experience running a business in a challenging business environment with one of Europe’s most very onerous fiscal burden, regulations galore, and aggressive tax-collection institutions have lead him to grow into an impassionate follower of Austrian Economics, the philosophy of liberty, and cryptography, and cryptographic currencies.


“The company Sis Italia has informed us that you could help economically and brilliantly solve our Italian > English translation needs regarding correspondence and press releases.”
Assovini Sicilia (Palermo)

“Regarding the big project you recently did for me, the client called us to congratulate us for the quality of the presentation, saying that it received positive feedback from various partners in the company. It’s rare to get any feedback at all, so once again please accept my personal thanks for what you did”
The Translation Center (Ashburton Victoria, Australia)

“Thank you very much for sending the work. I’m sorry we had to rush you, but the customer insisted. We don’t usually propose such long and technical works with such short deadlines. We wanted to thank you for the translation work, which was excellent in our opinion, performed with first-rate professionalism. We are looking forward to working together with you again soon…”
Legal English (Milan, Italy).

“Thank you so much for your continued support with our project in Sicily. You have been amazingly helpful and a consummate professional.
We wish you the best.”
SiteMaster, Inc., USA.

“By the way, you are the best Italian < > English translator I have ever worked with.I’ve been in the business quite a long time and the Italian/English pair has, for a reason I don’t understand, always been a problem. In some cases, although I have never had an Italian lesson my life, my re-translations or proofreading of translations done by individuals who claimed quite impressive credentials were such vast improvements that I had to bite my cheek when I was signing the check. For many years I used a French/German to English translator for Italian to English even though he, like me, had never had a lesson in Italian.
In any case I have enjoyed working with and I hope I can send you some more substantial work.

John Cartus, Equality Translation Services USA.

Member of The American Translators Association