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Quality Translation and other services

Terminology management auditing

The documentation assimilated by businesses through the course of time regarding their core technologies, markets, products, manuals, catalogs, business correspondence, and contracts and other legal matters is, in reality, a very valuable intellectual asset. To leverage this investment in the international market place requires truly high quality translations performed consistently and with special care. On a companywide and international basis, where there may be hundreds or even thousands of documents involved, quality and terminological consistency in translation is no trivial matter.
Let Real Bridges help you optimize your translation policies throughout your firm.

Translation of Documents - Multilingual project management

We utilize a quality system based on the individual experience of our specialized translators to guarantee terminological accuracy. We also use advanced Computer Aided Translation technology and database management systems to provide the desired level of terminological consistency throughout all your documentation on a companywide level, compiling electronic multilanguage glossary for each customer to ensure that translations are performed consistently. We can handle a wide variety of document formats including: Word, Excel, Power Point RTF, Help contents files, FrameMaker MIF, PageMaker tagged text, QuarkXpress XTG, Interleaf Ascii, Java, HTML/ASP/VBS/Access, HTML Help, SGML/XML, RC, C/C++/Java, Plain text, IBM TM untranslated segments, Trados Workbench, TMX files, AutoCAD as well as printed documents


Interpreting services

 Meetings, conventions, telephone conversations etc. – Italian, and major European Languages, Arab –Professional Interpreting services
- Negotiating and bargaining, voice-overs, conference interpreting, meetings
- Simultaneous and consecutive translating Chuchotage (whispering)

Design, Translation, and Multilanguage Localization of web pages, software e products (conforming with the language, culture and legislation of the target country).

 We consign translations directly in functional HTML format
- Creation of database management systems and localized computer business systems for target markets.
- Management of web sites (the screening of e-mail correspondence)
- Localization of web sites, software and products


Assistance with the development of internationalization and globalization strategies

Together with its customer’s marketing team, Real Bridges conduct research in foreign markets helping to develop strategies or find valid business partners. Real Bridges will travel with its customer’s overseas to fairs and shows, translating catalogs and product other documentation, it will select and manage your business correspondence including that generated by your web site. It  will help its customers formulate and translate business contracts and international marketing strategies.

Language courses

Real Bridges offers language courses to organizations that need to acquire and refine the business language skills in foreign countries. Courses are offered in all major European languages, Arab, Russian, as well as Oriental languages.

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